The Strategic Choices of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Online Space

Customers’ interactions can also represent the threat of cannibalizing the sales of a new product and not only increasing the value of the products. More exactly, as the Integrated Marketing Communications uses a combination of promotional mix and recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communications methods , both online and offline, where the role of the customers drives the success, the same strategic choice takes place in the social space, states Clark, a Senior Marketer from Coca Cola for Distributing Marketing Organization.

More detailed, based on an interview with Clark, was realized that sending a consistent brand message integrated on different channels, where the target audience is being sensitive in different nuances, depending the channel, is a challenge. Moreover, the software platform that Coca Cola uses, is following three quotes: that no single media is strong in the same way as a combination of media, that is required for marketers “having a single, integrated conversation across those screens…When we do this well, we create significantly higher impact than any of those screens could do on their own” , states Clark, and last but not least, that is difficult and challenging to integrate so many moving parts in real time, while the brand dialogue is constantly changing . An example of the extent of negative impact that social media can have on a brand image and evidently its sales is the fact that one of the telecom clients of the McKinsey Company have seen a loss of 8% , offsetting their TV spend, as a result of a negative sentiment in the social media space



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